Sai Baba Episode #1

How Baba Saved me at Work 

Sai Ram all. One of Sai devotee shared her experience with Sri Sai Baba. She says “My problem started from yesterday evening at work, When I did a minor typo mistake and a person from other team has escalated it badly with cc’ing my management and his management. I was shattered from this and lost all my confidence and next day, even I was scaring to go to office, felt how would I face everyone as my image is polluted now at work. I kept on praying to Baba to bring back my confidence and take me out from this situation.

When I reached office next day, Baba trapped that person in his own trick. My mistake was minor and he and his team did blunder in the project. Which will take a lot of time to recover because of typo in production environment. My management screamed on them for this and told that they noticed his yesterday’s behavior with me over mails. They said that now we have got the point to tackle him. So don’t worry and do your work. They complained about him to his management and I got saved. My mistake was not critical but I felt Baba deliberately involved them in most critical mistake in morning, as he behaved badly with others like me. When I was asking answer on question answer website I got that if you trust me, you would immediately experience my blessing. And I felt that baba saved me

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