Sai Baba Episode #11

Baba Cares about his Devotees

Sai Ram all. Thanks to admin for maintaining such a nice and short experiences of dear Sai. I always feel the happiness in reading these short Sai episodes in daily life. I know that many of us have many such miracles in our life, and the ‘Tribute to Sai Baba’ is a wonderful platform to share those moments with others.

I am Sai devotee & Baba is everything for me. I want to share one of my experience. One day when I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra parayan, in a chapter I read about a lady who approached Baba through his devotee Shama. And it was explained there too that just like a devotee wants to reach to Lord Shiva, he should pray to Nandi as Shama for Baba. As I was facing some problems in my personal life, so I thought how should I reach to dear baba? Which medium should I follow? These were my thoughts while reading chapters. Next day I got a call from my aunt. My aunt is big Krishna’s devotee. She treats Krishna as his son and talks to him like we talk to anyone. She is like Meera Bai (a 16th century Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna), a very pure soul. So she called me and said Krishna is calling you. You never came here with your husband and son. She said Krishna is saying he is waiting for us. I was reminded that here is my aunt acting as Shama and Krishna my Baba, my intense thought and Baba showed me he is with me. Sai Ram. Love you so much Baba. You know each and everything about me. Please bless me and my family members.

Jai Sai Ram!

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