Sai Baba Episode #2

My Wish is Taken Cared 

Sai Ram to Everyone. Here is another experience from one of the Sai devotee who says “few days back I found a beautiful chant in the YouTube. I liked it so much that I started playing in my laptop whenever I got time to listen it. I love to listen this chant even at the times when I was busy working on daily routine activates. The chant was so soothing and peaceful that me and my dad were so impressed and we started searching compact disc or in mp3 to listen in car while commuting. Finally, we didn’t get mp3 version

After a long, one of my close friend in my friend circle, shared about the baba’s chanting of Om Sri Sainathaya namah in YouTube gallery. She said, the chanting is so soothing and good. Why don’t you convert that in mp4 and listen? I was so shocked or surprised as to be unable to speak. Oh my goodness, I didn’t ask anyone about that chant except my dear dad. We both searched for the same earlier. My friend comes up with the same link. I downloaded it and added in my pen drive storage for my reference. I was so happy to get this back after long time I would like to thank baba who heard and fulfilled my wish in the cart long back. He heard my inner voice”.

When I shared this wonderful surprise with my dad, he was even more happy to see my happiness. Thank you dear baba for everything”. For those who want to listen this chanting, here is the link.  

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