Sai Baba Episode #4


How Baba Helped in Family Unite

Thanks to the ‘Tribute to Sai Baba’ team for making this wonderful platform for Sai Baba devotees to share their lively experiences. I love reading this platform contents. Finally, I got chance to share one experience too. I want to go through how Baba helped my neighbour in keeping her family unite and blessed her with a baby boy.

One day I came from office and picked my child from daycare and came home. My neighboring lady came to me and said “sister can I talk to you please”. She was looking very sad. I felt bad for her. I said sure come inside and have a seat. What happened why do you look sad, please tell me, with Baba’s grace I will help you as much as I can. “Sister what do I say I am leaving the house and going away I am really in bad situation” She said. I did not know what to say. I felt it was a big mistake from her. I took some pause to get her in relax mood. In the meantime, I gave my little boy something to eat and set the tea to boil, then I went near her and asked what happened. She said, “I am leaving my house and going to my parent’s place. I cannot take it anymore; I have a hole in my heart and cannot take stress”. I told her to tell what happened in more detail. I was worried and felt her decision was wrong since she had a 3-year-old girl and was pregnant too.
She said “The doctor took scan of the baby and said it is a girl, everybody in the house wants a boy and they keep saying bad things to me. On one side my husband is stressed since his business is not doing well. I cannot bear all this anymore”. I said “Will you listen to me”. She replied, “I will do whatever you want me to do sister”. Then I told her today is Wednesday. Take a new small hanky and dip it in turmeric water and dry it. Tomorrow morning put a 1 rupee’s coin in it and sit in front of baba and tell your wish and tie it and keep it in the shrine then pray to baba with ashtotram, flowers, dhoopam and deepam. Offer Kichidi as naivaidya. She said I will do exactly as you say and went home quite happy.
The next day evening I went to call her. She said I will come to your house in a few minutes. After a few minutes, she came home and explained, Baba answered my prayers, He did a miracle, today again my mother-in-law took me to the doctor. The doctor did another scan but could not read it properly after a while the electricity in the clinic went off so The doctor took me and my mother-in-law to the hospital and read the scan and informed us that the last scan was wrong and that I am going to have a boy. Everybody in the house is very happy and so am I.”
Later she had a healthy boy and lived happily with the two kids, her husband’s business improved, they made good money and even brought a car.How Baba Helped in Family Unite

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