Sai Baba Episode #5

By Baba’s grace we bought our house

Sai Ram Everyone. Sai devotee from Balaganj Mandsaur says “I would like to thanks Sri Sai Deva for the blessings on us. We were living in a rented house and like everyone, I wanted to buy my own house where I can live with freedom and decorate my house per my interest. Another thing, I wanted to buy the same house we had rented. There is a Sri Sai Mandir in Forest Colony, Mandsur. It was my daily routine to visit temple and spend some time with my dear Sai. One day I met another Sai devotee Anil Tiwari. While discussing other matters, I mentioned that our financial state is not good and I couldn’t think of buying my own home. He gave me a small idol of Sri Sai baba that he got it from Shirdi. Not even this, he also gave me Sri Sai Divya Puja book and said, if I pray in the way they described in this book, Sri Sai Baba will surely fulfill my wish. Immediately I vowed to do the Puja for 7 Thursdays. 

After 2-3 weeks, I met Tiwari at the temple again. He asked me “Did you start the Sai Divya Puja? I said “Yes, but my wish does not seem like it is being fulfilled”. He asked, are you doing it exactly as described in the book? I said yes except I am not reading the Ashtotram. He said you need to do the Ashtotram(108 names) with flowers, then baba will surely fulfill your wishes.

As he said, I began again and did 7 weeks Puja with devotion. By the 7th week all our circumstances were good, we got the money we needed and we brought the house in the same area. Thank you Baba so much for taking care of our most important need in my life. Om Sai Ram!

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