Sai Baba Episode #6

How Baba Saved my Uncle from Coma

Sairam to all my brothers and sisters. I would like to thank you to ‘Tribute to Sai Baba’ team for this wonderful initiative to spread baba’s presence. Each and every experience boosts our faith in Baba.

I want to share a Sai miracle which happened in my life few days ago. This is all about how my dear Sai saved my father‘s cousin brother from coma. Long time ago, he met with a severe road accident at Pollachi nearby Coimbatore and went to coma. He was admitted Kurunji hospital in Coimbatore and his family was totally dependent on him only. I was worried about him and unable to meet him due to few circumstances. Also the place where I was working was very from Coimbatore. I prayed to Sai baba and I used to have UDI on his behalf. I have also started Thursday fasts for his health improvements. On the third Thursday I had puja and went to office and exactly in the afternoon I got a call from my sister who is living in Bangalore. She asked me “have you sent three devotees from Sai temple?” I told her that I have not sent anyone. I got the information that three devotees from Sai temple went to Kurunji hospital and enquired the doctor about patient’s (my father’s cousin brother) health improvements. They asked the doctor to permit inside the ICU to meet him to apply UDI. The doctor allowed them inside, they took a small moment applied UDI on his forehead & where ever operated and left the place. Before leaving also they conveyed to the doctor that my uncle (Father’s cousin brother) will recover soon. After that uncle‘s wife came and asked the nurses to permit her inside of the ICU. She didn’t allow her inside to see her husband due to quota allotment. Also nurse informed her that three devotees from Sai temple went inside and they applied UDI to your husband. She was not at all aware of those guys. After around 3 hours; nurse found the leg movement of my uncle and she could not control the force of the leg movement. Immediately she called the doctor and they tied his leg because that leg was operated earlier. As this type of movement was not expected from him sometime soon, doctor said, it is a miracle. Only Baba has saved him from coma.

After that I have called NagaSai temple and asked about the details for the devotees who came. I got the information that no one from Sai temple went to Kurunji hospital. I was really surprised when they told me this. This was another miracle. May baba went with Mahalsapthy and Shama only.
Thank you so much Baba. You are the one who is helping me and my family throughout my life. Please be with us always. We are nothing without you. Love you so much. Jai Sai Ram !

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