Sai Baba Episode #13

Blessed with Baby Boy – Thanks to Sai Ram
Sai Ram Everyone. One devotee shared her experience and she says “My experience tells everything that how baba came into my life and fulfill my wish. I want to share my experience with everyone. I live in Dubai and I am a very successful entrepreneur woman. Being a successful, doesn’t mean we have everything that we want. Because of some infertility issues, I couldn’t get pregnant even after trying for 7 years. I have been through many infertility treatments, but not luck. I shared my problem with my best friend and she suggested me to visit Shirdi and share your wish with Sai Baba. As I have already tried all possible options, I thought to try this option too. Frankly speaking, I have never thought of praying Sai Baba in my life. But I felt that my heart is saying that I should go and share my wish with Sai. 

In 2010, I asked my husband to arrange a trip to Shirdi for baba’s visit. We made it as we expected. When I went there, I started crying after seeing baba. I felt that I had some past relationship with baba. We completed all rituals and came back. After few months, my treatment started responding and in the 9th month after visiting Shirdi, I got the big news that I am conceived and blessed with a baby boy in year 2011. I was so happy in my life and feel the happiness of being parent. From that time, I believe in Sai and since then, I am seeing baba’s miracle in my day to day life. This was not an end, I conceived again and give birth to another boy in year 2013. Now that I am blessed with two baby boys, my life is like heaven. Due to baba’s blessings, our work, family and friends are all coming along with lots of prosperity. I make sure to visit Shirdi every year with my family. Bow to my baba’s lotus feet. 

I would like to thank you my friend to show me the path to Shirdi and make my wish true. I felt the power of Sai in very less time. I trust in faith and patience which is the key to get baba’s love”. 

Last but not the least, I would also like to thank you ‘Tribute to Sai Baba’ platform to share baba’s experience to keep baba’s presence well informed. Sharing my experience here, is really a tribute to Shirdi Sai Baba from my family. 

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