Sai Baba Episode #14

Baba touched my heart

Sai Ram Everyone. Miracle happens with those who believe in miracle. The same thing happened with one of Sai devotee when he went to Shirdi in the last India trip to see dear Sai Baba. He says “I am sharing a very small experience with all of you which I think miraculous for me. 

This happened in April, 2015. I am always very thankful to Sai Baba who blessed me with a baby boy after so many years of my wedding. Also gave me a blissful Darshan in Shirdi. My son touched the Baba’s Smadhi and Baba’s idol too. It was a very prestigious moment of my life. You wouldn’t believe that my tears came out from my eyes. I haven’t thought about this much emotion when I really faced baba in Shirdi. As Baba gives everything, his devotees think about; I asked Baba that today I want to see you in Pink dress. I couldn’t believe myself that in the Madhyahan Aarti, Baba was in Pink dress. He is really miraculous. He responds to every questions in our mind. I love you Baba. May Baba bless us all”. 

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