Sai Baba Episode #16

Blessings of Shri Guru Nath !

I am really feeling very fortune to share my experience with everyone. Thanks everyone who shared their experiences here. This makes me feel special as I am devoted to our dear Sai baba. 

I wanted to know lord Dattatreya, who is incarnation of our dear Sai Baba. I was just thinking about this book and baba arranged it for me when I visited a Sai temple ‘Shirdi Sai Darbar’, Sunnyvale in California, USA. I read the whole book very quickly and get to know all about load Dattatreya. Generally, people do 7 days parayan to complete this book, but I could follow this guideline. My motive was to gain knowledge about the lord Dattatreya only. I should have followed all the rituals to read this holy book. Baba, please forgive me for this mistake.

After finishing this book, I returned to the temple authority. The moment I returned this book, temple priest asked me to help them in offering Prasad to baba. I did this activity for 3 hours i.e. from 6 pm to 9 pm. While explaining this whole matter to my best friend who suggested me to read this book; she said, people donate food after completing this book. I understood one thing that ‘Baba arranged this activity especially for me as I was not aware of this tradition. I really felt power of Guru after reading this wonderful book’. Jai Sai Ram. Jai Guru Nath. Love you Baba. Please bless everyone in this world. 

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