Sai Baba Episode #19

Dear Sai Baba Accepted my Food! 

Om Sai Ram everyone. Thanks to Admin of this platform, a nice collection of beautiful experiences actually made my day. I can manage to go through a daily experience without disturbing my other activities. Sai baba came to my life when I was in need to someone to hold me and destroy all pains in my life.

It was a pleasant evening and I was in a lot of tension due to personal and non-personal stuff going in my life. Yesterday evening, I planned to distribute food to the homeless people. I prepared food and went to a place where I can find people to hand out food. 

After reaching the destination, what I saw, there was no one available to whom I could distribute the food. I was not able to figure out what to do, except praying our Sai baba and asked what to do with this food now. I was talking to Sai Baba and at the same time, I saw a Saint, in a white dress who was coming towards me with a big smile. I felt like my lord Sai Baba himself coming to accept my food. I happily offered him food and just after that, I saw a lot of people came. I distributed the food to them. That Saint was in my mind throughout this activity and still I am not able to wipe out those memories. I felt very blessed. 

I came back home with full satisfaction and finished my evening prayer and Aarti to baba. I watched one TV episode of our Sai Baba. And the coincident was that that episode was also on the food donation and Baba was telling people the importance of food donation in life. I was shocked and felt like Baba planned my day for food donation to reduce my bad karmas. The same thing explained by baba in that episode. Thanks a lot my dear baba for taking care of me. I love you so much. Jai Sai Ram

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