Sai Baba Episode #22

Met Baba In My Dream and My Prayer is Accepted 

Sai Ram all. I saw this website where everyone sharing baba’s experiences and dreams. I loved these small experiences and thought to share one of my experience here. I was doing my 9 Thursday’s fast and it was still going on. One Thursday, it was my 8th fast and just before going to bed I prayed to Baba and said that please come in my dream as I hadn’t seen him since so many days in my dream. You can’t believe that in the morning I saw a dream where baba was sitting in a Bhajan Mandali and everyone was doing Bhajans in front of Baba. I saw baba’s statue many times in such gathering, but this time I saw baba sitting with me and my sister in the Bhajan Mandali. I thought to touch baba’s feet, but before this could happened; I woke up. I was so upset because I couldn’t touch baba’s feet. But at the same time I was very happy to see Baba in human form in my dream, which is rare to see. Thanks a lot baba for this wonderful feeling in my life. Baba, please bless me as always! 

Om Sai Ram!

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