Sai Baba Episode #26

Sai Baba blessed me with a baby boy ! 

Sai Ram Everyone, One of Sai devotee says “I am daily reader of this blog. I really like the experience shared by dear Sai sisters and brothers. My day start with reading these short and divine experiences here. Here I want to describe my condition when I was pregnant and in the last stage of my pregnancy. I was more worried when my delivery date was keep on changing. My doctor said, it would be middle of June. Also there is possibility to have early delivery in the start of June or late delivery in the end of June. I was getting desperate as the exact and final date was not known to me. 

I remember that in the Sri Sai Satcharitra chapter XXXI, “As per Baba’s order in the vision, Anandrao bought a silk dhoti and requested Kaka Saheb to give it to Shama. As Shama did not accept it, they put two slips near Baba’s padukas, one had the words “accept” and the other “do not accept” written on them. When one of the slips was picked up, it contained the word “accept”. Then Shama accepted it.”

I did the same thing, just made paper slips of all the possible options and put those in front of Baba and picked one of the slips. When I opened the slip, the answer was “first week of June”. My doubt was clear now and exactly in first week of June, I got blessed with a baby boy. 

One more miracle happened in my life with baba’s blessings. In India, it is not allowed to know the sex of baby inside. I tried the same method and put two slips near Baba’s padukas, one had the words “Baby Boy” and the other “Baby Girl” written on them. I picked one of the slip and it contained the word “Baby Boy”. These are few recent miracles of Baba happened in my life. 

I am so happy that my dear Sai Baba helped me and removed confusion in my life. Om Sai Ram 

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