Sai Baba Episode #31

A Message from Lord Shiva in my Dream 

Sai Ram all. One of Sai devotee says “I would really like to thank admin for this platform. A quick experience, my personal life was not going great, I was very depressed. Then, I started readying one of the Sai experience from Sai devotees on this platform, early morning, every day. I am happy to say that everything going perfectly file. Today, I consider myself fortunate enough to share my experience with Shirdi Sai Baba. 
My experience is an incident, which happened, when I was praying to Sai Baba for my job issue. I daily read Sunderkand for Hanuman Baba. As I have read in Shri Sai Satcharitra that Baba always guide his devotees. I used to read Shri Sai Satcharitra but for some time, I thought to read some different holy book so that I can follow Baba’s advice (to read spiritual books) too. I started reading Sunderkand. It gives me so much joy when I read it and I feel like my all wishes are being fulfilled. As Hanuman Baba is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, I had a vision last night which actually gave me goose bumps. I want to share my experience with you here.
Yesterday in the midnight, I saw a beautiful dream. I felt that I am in unconscious state. I also felt lord Shiva is alive and in front of me. My eyes are open (I am in dream, in real). His lips were literally waving like he is talking to me. Though, this moment was so divine, but I got scared and I closed my eyes. Again I opened my eyes and found that he is not there and then again I closed my eyes and open to see him, he was in front of me. I remember his beautiful face. But I really don’t understand, what he said to me. While in the dream, I was responding in such a way that I am able to understand his words. Looks like there is some message which lord Shiva want to give me on my current ongoing situation. In any case, the dream was very meaningful for me and I thought to share with everyone.
I could figure out one thing, that he was giving me some guidance related to my parents (Just a guess). I am still very happy that I got the chance to see divine power. Om Sai Ram”

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