Sai Baba Episode #32

Sai Baba Appeared in my Dream 

Sai Ram all. One of Sai devotee says “I am an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. I believe him so much that I always do start every work of my life by his name only. I keep on sharing my experiences on this website. Thanks to admin for maintaining this blog so well where we can share simple and small experiences. 

Yesterday night I had a dream that someone posted a picture on my social network group, i.e. Baba’s real Charan photograph. When I was looking into that, I was very happy to see real photo of his Charans (feet) and there was a smile on my face. Suddenly I saw that a real old man is standing on that place of Charan. I did not see his face, and he had asked me that you want to see my real Charan(feet). See I am here to show you. And suddenly I flipped my eyes and the whole seen converted into the charans photograph. After that when I saw Baba’s Charan photograph on an facebook page, I just remembered that Baba is reminding me to post my experience too.

Really Baba is so lovely that he fulfills our each and every small wish. May Baba bless us all.”

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