Sai Baba Episode #33

Sai Resolves our Confusion ! 

Our Sri Sai Baba is awesome. He just needs our love. I remember that when I wish to go Sai temple and offer him red flowers and chocolates on last valentine day. I wish to see Sai desperately and thank him for his love in my life.

My friend who also become ardent devotee of Sai and show her wish to visit temple that day, but she was little confused. She said, “I don’t know whether she can come or not”. I told her that it depends on your bond with Sai. If you feel Sai as god or saint or sacred person, you can avoid. Or if you have bond like mother father or best friend you can come. I have been praying Sai for the last eleven years but he is my best friend. I love to hug him and then, go to sleep. I don’t follow such rituals to my Sai till now as other gods. 

After this conversation, she said, “you only made me this much close to Sai. I will surely follow you” and we both went to Sai temple. Usually that temple gets closed by twelve except for Thursday. But I seriously wish to see him at any cost. I thought like at least by begging temple people we will give gifts for him and come and at least see him from outside the temple. 

Next thing I wish to buy red roses but roses were not there. I bought guava which Sai likes the most and milk pedas and thought what shall I do for flowers. On the way to temple I saw red hibiscus flowers. Whenever I am going to Sai temple I used to see and think I wish to offer these beautiful flowers to my Sai. Today as I didn’t get roses I plucked those flowers and went to temple. There is a guy he told us to come by evening and didn’t allow. 

When I told the guy that please offer this to Sai from myside. he asked us to go fast and offer. We felt so happy. Same time the priest came and surprisingly, he took our flowers, pedas and guavas and offered telling mantras and give us theertham and chappathi which is specialty offered to Sai. He told us, usually I won’t be here this time but today baba made to wait for you. We felt so happy and I prayed for everyone and told Sai that I can’t keep u at distance even at the name of sacredness and I love you from heart. That’s why I told my friend like that. If I did any wrong please forgive and forget. 

We were about to leave, suddenly what made the priest to call us we don’t know. He called us and told see gals this temple is very powerful and you know in other temple the gods need ritual and customs but Sai needs nothing like that and also he never minds about dirt in our body and he just need our soul pure and loving. Whatever problems are there, he will surely solve so fast and gave us Udi packets and Sai photos. 

Wow what an answer to our confusion, He assured me that I am right and to my confused friend, Our confusion was answered and we came back”

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