Sai Baba Episode #34

How My Dreams Showed Reality – Om Sai Ram !

Om Sai Ram. One of Sai Devotee says “I got a very beautiful dream last night. Actually I am taught by an uncle two weeks before that “Om Maakaral Shivaya Namaha” is a very powerful Shiva mantra which has to be chanted for our karma reduction. The temple on the name of Maakaral is in Kanchipuram. I am doing alpha meditation daily early morning by five thirty. I received a missed call and a message for doing meditation from friend as this is a part of group meditation. I chant this mantra for few times as vibes are very good. As I slept so late last night, I couldn’t not wake up on time. I got a dream like there is a guru who is old having white beard and all and I am constantly remembering this mantra and going to ask that separately, “what is the meaning and use of this mantra?”

I am disturbed by phone call and woke up and it is like Shiva came in dream to wake me up for meditation and chanting his mantra.

I slept again. Wow… it is like another dream where I am seeing a very beautiful scene from a bus window, such a beautiful temple which is almost contracted and in finishing stage. It is very beautiful like Rajasthan type architecture. I am really impressed by its beauty and wanted to know, which god temple is beautifully constructed. In the front of that temple, I saw a beautiful gold lined sculpture like flying Hanuman which I first couldn’t understand but after sometimes hey its load Hanuman and nearby there are some more gods. I don’t remember clearly. I saw some other temple nearby where lamps are lit.

I am doing Hanuman tail Pooja and yesterday as Saturday I put 88 betel leaf mala. I feel so blessed and felt like Hanuman baba is happy and I felt as assurance for answering my prayers soon. I am blessed with such a beautiful dream. Om Sai Ram. 

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