Sai Baba Episode #35

Sai Dream was awesome… Feeling blessed 

One of Sai Devotee shared her experience, she says “Last night I had a dream, and eager to share with you all. I saw that me and my friend (who has a divine power to see God) was with me and we are going in a rickshaw and suddenly it stopped and started going backwards, we feared a lot but somehow I got out and stopped that. There were few people they said give us your tabeez(spiritual neckless) which you are wearing in your neck, it has taken your entire calamity on itself. Happily, we went ahead and saw an old man in white Kurta Pajama, and my friend recognized him and went to him and said 2-3 times Allah Malik to him and he smiled and I also did the same said Allah Malik to him 2-3 times and he smiled, after then I wished him again so that I can hear something from him then he replied something in Arabic which I didn’t understood. But I believe that there was some message which I am still trying to understand. Sai is around me and saving my days and nights. I love you dear Sai Baba. Please always be with me”

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