Sai Baba Episode #37

Sai Baba Helped me for a Good Cause 

One of Sai devotee says “It’s been 3 weeks since I visited baba’s temple and was thinking to visit in the evening on last weekend. And I was so lazy that day, and I decided to bunk. After some time got a call from my Sai sister. I had a talk with her. She asked me whether I was free or not. And asked whether I have Udi from Shirdi, so that I can go and give it to her Father-in-law; who was admitted in hospital in Bangalore. This happened at 6:30pm. 

Later I thought of going to temple and started towards temple with my cousin. Usually the temple closes by 7:30pm and that day it was open. I went directly to the reception and asked for SSC (Shri Sai Satcharitra in Hindi (as asked by my sister). There were 4 shelves where 4 different languages books were kept. When I enquired about the book, I got the response “sorry sir, look at the shelf, it is empty and all Hindi versions are finished”

I was dejected and was thinking how will I get a book to give her mother-in-law?. After 5 minutes; an old man comes and scolds the person saying why don’t you search carefully it will be there. That person replied; No grandpa it’s not there. And after 10 minutes of conversation, the old person said let me search the book and he found a book. I was so happy getting it.

My next question was on baba’s UDI. he said sorry, it is finished. This old man came again and shouted at him saying” hey Man why are you not giving him Udi, morning only you got one from someone”. He said “grandpa how can I give?” This old man said “you will get more packets soon”. Give it to him as there is an emergency for that boy”. He gave me and I came back with the book and Udi.

Around 8pm I called my didi’s sister-in-law and started towards the hospital. I booked a cab and in the cab I was thinking how did that old man knows about my emergency and was praying baba. My only prayer was that Baba you chosen me to do your work.

Baba, please make it happens. I went there and gave the book and Udi to the family and came back. It’s all happened in 2 hours. Sister called me at 6:30pm and by 9 pm everything was at place. UDI and the book reached the family. I am happy sharing my experience here”

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