Sai Baba Episode #39

Baba’s Leela is my new experience 

One of Sai devotee says “My experience is small but its baba’s blessing for me. Few days ago, I was in a doubt and baba answered me through “Ask Question to Sai Baba” on website. The answer indicates that “someone will apply Tilak”. I was thinking who will apply Tilak. That day was Tuesday and my Papa had a dream, he saw that monkeys are playing with me and throwing me in air and catching me. Papa took me to temple and pundit ji there applied Tilak to me. Once again, I got the same answer, and my papa got promoted in his job by Baba’s blessings and again we went to the temple and again got Tilak applied. Its baba’s leela and only he knows it. I felt that I saw monkeys in my dream as I do Lord Hanuman Pooja too. Felt blessed that Lord Hanuman gave darshan in the dream in the form of monkeys. Baba bless all”

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