Sai Baba Episode #40

This is how Sai Baba came into my life 

One of Sai devotee says “Thanks for managing this wonderful platform where sharing my experience with baba make me happy. It seems like sharing experience with baba. This is one of the experience which I have with Sai baba. Once upon a time when I was not a devotee of dear Sai, I had said that I would never believe in Sai baba and that had argued that he is not god. Few months later, I had asked my mom that I want Ramayana to read. I was searching for that book and I came across a website where you can ask questions and u get answers from Sai baba. First time I asked a question arose in my mind and I was amazed to see the answer. Sai baba said that “you are searching for Ramayana. You will get soon and you don’t believe in me”. I don’t remember the exact lines, but the meaning was exactly I mentioned. I still didn’t care. Then I thought and told Sai that if you are there then help me in this work within 1 month. I had asked from Sai about some work that was not happening since 7 yrs. You all won’t believe that everything happened within span of 1 month. My faith in baba grows many fold and I am a true devotee of Sai baba and will worship baba throughout my life. I feel blessed and got the meaning of my life. Thanks dear Sai for showing me right path and saving me and my family from bad people. This is how baba came into my life.”

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