Sai Baba Episode #41

Prayers to Sai Baba Always Works 

One of Sai devotee says, “I had a miraculous experience with my loving and dear Sai Baba. My situation was like “I don’t know how to drive but I have a car”. Though it was painful for me to cover my daily journey by Auto. I was very keen to learn driving but couldn’t find any chance. One fine night, in my dream, baba came and asked me to start the vehicle. Literally, I was looking at road in my dream. Very next day was Thursday (Baba’s day), in the morning, around 6:00 AM, I started for Shirdi, along with my friend. During our journey, I was asking my friend about my driving. He said, “Excellent, you are driving awesome”. I was thrilled with his feedback.  We reached Ahmednagar around 6:00 PM. 

I was in dilemma, that how can I drive in the dark with the limited visibility on the road. I just closed my eyes and prayed to Sai Nath for help. The moment I prayed, suddenly I was able to see the road clearly. I drove around 700 km without even knowing driving. This is baba’s miracle for me. I have so many experience with Sai, which I will share in future.” 

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