Sai Baba Episode #42

Kidney Stone Disappeared – Baba’s Miracle 

Om Sai Ram. One of Sai devotee says “Sai Ram everyone. Today I want to share one experience. It does not belong to me. It belongs to a family who were very poor and living in Cuttack Odisha. Although they were very poor, yet they were living their life very peacefully as a Baba devotee. Suddenly misfortune had started in their life. Life is a collection of good and bad moments. It happened with them. God tests everyone ‘s faith. Whosoever crosses this river of test gets Baba‘s blessings. Suddenly that lady got pain in her stomach. 

For few days she was bearing the pain on the name of Baba. When it was uncontrollable, then her husband decided to take her to hospital. The doctor did all checkups and finally when report came there she was diagnosed with stones in her kidney. Doctor suggested her for an operation which was costing about 25K INR. After listening this amount her husband started crying that how could he earn 25K when he is not able to earn 25 Rupees for a day? She saw him crying. Although she was also very tensed. But still she had courage and she trusted Baba. With big heart and faith, she mentioned her wish to do nine Thursday fasting of Baba. She was very much sure that it would be cured completely without surgery and mentioned the same to her husband. Coming Thursday she started fasting. It was her third fast. She felt some health issues and she thought to go to doctor again. Doctor did same checkup again after seeing her historical records and found that no kidney stone was there. He was surprised to see this. Family was very happy. In her third fast, Baba gave her a minor pain, which indicated her to go to Doctor to get the sign of recovery, it looks that Baba took her stone. Finally, the family was very happy. And they are still doing Baba‘s worships daily.”

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