Sai Baba Episode #43

Just Remember, Baba is there for you 

Sai Ram all. Here is one more experience shared with us by one of Sai devotee. She wants to tell us about her sister in law (Husband’s elder brother‘s wife). She is Baba’s devotee. When you devote yourself to God, God will also devote himself to you. Same thing she keeps on teaching me. But I was never able to find a practical example for this. One day it looks that Baba himself wanted to give me a truth for this saying. My sister-in-law‘s son got selected for his studies in Bangalore. We were so happy for his higher studies. Even this achievement itself came in front of us as a Baba’s blessings. When he was about to leave for Bangalore. His mother was looking to visit Baba’s temple as first time he was going to very far from home and she was thinking, that if I could’t go to temple of Baba at this day what would I do. It was raining very high and she had to skip the plan to go to temple. It brought a lot of regret for this in her mind. 

Baba always watches his devotees and understands them that what’s going on in their mind. When they were going to airport in their car, suddenly a car crossed their way and they saw a very big poster of Baba, which gave an immense happiness to her. Suddenly her son said that he forgot to recharge his mobile and he did not have balance in his mobile. They decided to stop at a recharge shop. When they stopped and went inside what was the scene inside which could not be even imagined? What that shop was wherever you will see Baba’s picture was there. So many pictures they could not even count in one shot. It looks that they have arrived in baba’s divine temple. She was so happy to see that Baba himself had called her to the temple, where she could see Baba and her son‘s problem would get solved too. These are really Baba’s small miracles, which actually bring us closer to our God and strengthen our faith. Keep faith in Baba, he will always bless you and fulfill all your wishes. Love you Baba. Please always bless us.

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