Sai Vibhuti Mantra

साईं विभूति मंत्र 

परमम् पवित्रम बाबा विभूतिम
परमम् विचित्रं लीला विभूतिम
परमार्थ इश्तार्था मोक्ष प्रधानम
बाबा विभूतिम इद्धम अस्रयामी

I take refuge in the supremely sacred Vibhuthi of Lord Baba,
The wonderful Vibhuthi, which bestows salvation, the sacred state which I desire to attain.

English version:-

Sacred Ash, Miraculous, Baba’s Creation
Flowing From His Blessed Hand, Holy Creation
Granting Us The Greatest Wealth, God’s Divine Protection
Beloved Baba, Grant Us Liberation.

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