Sai Baba Episode #45

Her X-Rays are ‘Negative’ without medications 

          This leela was also experienced by Malti S.Bhosle a resident of Pune. In 1984 Malti was suffering with bout of chronic cough. It was a persistent, hacking, wheezy cough and she coughed both day and night. Malti had never heard anybody cough the way she coughed in her entire life. Her concerned family took her to doctor who gave cough medicines and lozenges to suck on but it didn’t work. Then the doctor got her chest X-Ray taken, and she was told that she had Tuberculosis of the Lung. Malti felt as if the very ground on which she stood had given way and she had fallen into an abyss.

     Her family thought it was best to get a second opinion, so the consulted a Pulmonary Specialist who got another X-Ray taken, and confirmed the diagnosis. He advised her to go to Mumbai and referred her to a hospital; he told her that she would have to take treatment for a period of three months without missing a single dose. Malti was very upset as she could not bear the thought of leaving her children behind. She returned home and in desperation started taking Udi orally. Then on Thursday she placed her head at Baba’s feet and cried, “Baba you are my only refuge, I need a miracle to happen and that is when I take my X-Ray again next week I want it to be ‘Negative’”

     A week later she got the X-Ray done and the doctor was shocked to see that it was negative. So he got all the films together and checked and compared each one and told her it was a miracle as this film is negative. When he said the word miracle she again saw Baba sitting on the stool for a few seconds. Malti said, “I know that each one has to bear the Karmic burden of this life, but when Baba is there to lighten the burden why should I panic. Baba’s Udi is the panacea for all sicknesses”

Ref Shri Sai Leela Magazine year 65, ank, 7. October 1986.

Source : Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri

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