Sai Baba Episode #48

Take care of your parents and you will prosper 

     “Jai Gurudev Datta” (Hail Lord Datta Guru) he said in a resounding voice in her dream. Sandhya Samant a resident of Dadar Mumbai had this dream early one morning. She saw a tall man standing at the door he had an ochre colored cloth tied around his head, and wore a white shirt and dhoti. His forehead was marked with a ‘Tripund’ (three horizontal lines of Lord Shiva) and his face shone with a bronze aura around it. She asked him to come in and be seated as she was making a grocery list. She murmured the items needed, hearing this he said, “Are you preparing for a SatyaNaryan puja?” (Ceremonial worship of Lord Satya Naryan) He went on to bless her saying that everything would be fine with her. As soon as he blessed her she woke up. Early next morning he related her dream in detail to every one in her family.

     At about 7a.m. she heard the same voice, saying “Jai Gurudev Datta” her mother in law said, “Some one is at the door, taking the Lord’s name. Run and open the door” Sandhya opened the door and there stood the same man she had seen in her dream a few hours ago. There was a cot near the door and he sat on it and asked then to continue doing their morning chores. They offered him a cup of tea which he drank.  Her father in law had just completed his morning worship and came into the room, followed by her husband.

He asked Sanjay, Sandhya’s husband to bring a flower that was offered during the worship. Sanjay brought a rose and placed on his outstretched palm he held it for a few minutes then asked Sanjay to put it back on the alter. He placed his hand on Sanjay’s head and blessed him then said, “Take good care of your parents. The more care you take of your parents the more you will prosper” and left. Sanjay went in and picked up the rose and found a large shiny silver coin with the imprint of Baba’s padukas on it like the one sold in the Sansthan below it.

Ref written by Sandhya Savant in a book titled Saianubhav.

Source: Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri

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