Sai Baba Episode #50

Surrender to Sai, Everything will be Alright ! 

Om Sai Ram. One of Sai devotee says “I would like to share an incident happened in my life. when I was working at Coimbatore one day I have traveled from unit 2 operations to unit 1. They are far away from each other and I was residing at near unit 1 only and got permission any time to go to home for taking care of my mother and grandmother who are suffering from cancer and bone fracture. I met an accident, where I hit by bus and I realized and seen my soul has released and travel towards upper part of the world. 

As a devotee of Sai Ram, I called and asked Baba that there is no one other than me who can take care of my mother and grandmother, please save my life for fulfilling my basic responsibilities and later on either you can take my soul or I will surrender you. The moment when I was talking to Sai, I realized that my soul came back to original body. After that I was admitted in a private hospital and where I saw Sai image posted on the wall. In my life I have met lot of Sai miracles but this incident played major role for me to settle in Shirdi and do service for him for rest of my life. Om Sai Ram. Please offer my prayers”

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