Sai Baba Episode #51

Sai Maa arranged food for me 

Sai Ram all. One of Sai devotee says “I am fortunate to share my experience with all Sai devotees. One day I forgot to take my lunch with me in my office. In the lunchtime when I opened my bag, I was shocked to see that my lunchbox is not in the bag. Being a girl, it was difficult to go out alone especially for the lunch and I could bear my hunger, but that day I was very hungry. 

I asked Baba that, I am your daughter and you are my mother. A mother can’t see her kid suffering from hunger. In the same way you have to help me. Still I was busy in my cabin working with some assignments. When my hunger was totally out of control then I thought that let’s go out to have something. I took my bag and went out. Before ordering I was shocked to see that my small wallet where I kept my ATM, debit, credit card and money it was not at all there. I forgot to bring even my purse too from my home along with lunch box. I became depressed. I started remembering Baba to help me in this. I said that I am not able to control my hunger and I don’t want to tell it to anyone that I have forgotten my lunch box and wallet. 

Suddenly I heard a voice of my name. One of my good friends came and said that you want to buy lunch. I was not able to say even yes/no. I was in dilemma what to say. He said that come with me and took me to his lunch table, where my entire friend circle was sitting. He told me that there was a girl who by mistake brought two lunch box from home and they were thinking that it’s going to be wasted, let’s give it to someone. And they caught me there. Actually Baba helped me like this. I asked Baba for the food and he offered me food. The best thing is that no one was ever informed about my condition that I don’t have my lunch box and wallet and I was helpless. Baba is really amazing. He is my family, friend whatever I can think. Thank you Baba for being with me whenever I need

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