Sai Baba Episode #52

Baba is still Alive, Trust me 

Sai Ram all. One of Sai devotee says “I keep on sharing experiences here on this blog. Sometimes I shares my experiences with Baba, sometimes, experiences belong to some other family members. Today also I want to share, which belongs to a family who used to live in Jagatpur. It’s a small village.  There was a family of husband, wife and their two kids. Lady of the house was very much devoted to Baba. She keeps on praying to Baba to call her Shirdi. She worshipped a lot and asked if Baba can call her Shirdi as soon as possible. Although her husband was not a devotee of Baba and he never even cared for her wishes. 

One day she asked her husband that she wants to go to Shirdi. Husband denied promptly. But she somehow persuaded him to go with her. When Baba calls then devotee has to fly to Baba at any cost. It happened with the family. All of them went Shirdi. They did worship in main hall. Wife became very much emotional after seeing Baba in Shirdi. But her husband did not develop any feeling for Baba. He was very dry hearted there. Next day they went again to temple and thought to eat something in Shirdi temple food place.  That place was too much crowded and he forgot the way and left his family in middle. He was very much tensed and cried internally in heart. Suddenly he saw that an old man, who was looking very much similar to Baba, approached him and asked, “my dear son for whom you are looking for?” He said that Baba I have missed my family in way and wanted to get them. Baba replied, “Hold my hand and come with me”. He kept on walking with Baba and then Baba said that see here is your family.  He saw his family and got broken in tears and excitement to get them back. He was going to tell everything to her wife and turned back to say Thanks to Baba, he saw the he disappeared in front of his eyes. At that moment he realized that it was Sai Baba only, who reunited him with his family. He came here to develop his trust on him.
He realized his mistake of ignoring Baba and started following and worshipping him regularly.
We all should follow Baba just like this man ‘s trust was developed. Baba will also meet us someday and will solve all of our issues”

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