Sai Baba Episode #55

Thank You Sai for Making me Feel your Presence  One of Sai devotee shared her experience and she says “Pranams to the lotus feet of Sri Sai, Koti thanks for all the wishes granted. There is a Baba’s temple close by to my house. I regularly visit the temple on every Thursday. A week before

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Sai Baba Episode #54

Baba’s Grapes Leela – My Lovely Experience of childhood  One of Sai Devotee shared her experience. She says “Om Sri Sai Nathayanamaha. Since my childhood, I had experienced so many Sai Leelas and I am truly blessed to have them and happy to share one of my childhood experience here. My dad’s sister used to

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*बहुत सुंदर कथा …*

*एक औरत अपने परिवार के सदस्यों के लिए रोज़ाना भोजन पकाती थी और एक रोटी वह वहाँ से गुजरने वाले किसी भी भूखे के लिए पकाती थी..।*   *वह उस रोटी को खिड़की के सहारे रख दिया करती थी, जिसे कोई भी ले सकता था..।*   *एक कुबड़ा व्यक्ति रोज़ उस रोटी को ले जाता

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