Sai Baba Episode #53

Sai Divya Puja fulfilled my wishes!

Sai Ram Everyone. I am Sandhya Yadav and run a hostel in Indore. My father is a great devotee of Sri Sai Baba. My sister lives in Badhnagar a town close to Indore. She is also a devotee of Sri Sai Baba. One day she called me and said “Akka, In indore, in the Anup Nagar, Srimathi K. Padmavathi lives and Today, in her house they are having Baba’s Darbar. From there if you can get some books of Baba Divya Puja and send them to me”

I went to Srimathi K. Padmavathi’s house and attended Baba Darbar. I took some books about Baba Divya Puja. I send some copies to my little sister living in Badnagiri and I kept a copy for myself. I vowed to do the Puja for 5 weeks and did it with a lot of devotion. Now every week I would go to Sai Darbar at Anup Nagar.

I got the results in the first week itself. My husband had to receive some money that he could not get for a long time. The first week of my Puja he recovered his money without any effort. I was very happy to get the result in the first Thursday of the Puja itself.

My younger daughter Isha studies at Maharashtra. One day at 8:00 pm she called me and was much tensed. She said the results are coming tomorrow and only 17 % passed. She asked me to pray for her. I assured her that I will pray for her. That day was the Wednesday. I next day was Thursday and it was the 5th Thursday for the Divya Puja. I took a vow that I will do Divya Puja again for 5 weeks and that Sri Sai Baba should bless my daughter with good results. That day in the afternoon at 4 pm. Isha called happily saying she passed. I was very happy and did the Puja for 5 weeks. I am very grateful to Sri Sai baba for fulfilling my wishes on the first Thursday of the Puja two times. Jai Sai Ram!

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