Sai Baba Episode #54

Baba’s Grapes Leela – My Lovely Experience of childhood 

One of Sai Devotee shared her experience. She says “Om Sri Sai Nathayanamaha. Since my childhood, I had experienced so many Sai Leelas and I am truly blessed to have them and happy to share one of my childhood experience here.

My dad’s sister used to tell me the stories of dear Sai Baba when I was of age around 5 or so. I was very fond of baba all the time and one fine day my family was coming back home from my dad’s friend’s home. The time was around 11’oclock in the night and we were on the scooter. We saw a man selling grapes, he came to us and asked my dad for grapes. There were black grapes as I remember clearly. My dad said, we are getting late for home now, and we went to home. Next day, I woke up and went to the verandah of my house and suddenly, I saw a paper wrap in my dad’s scooter drawer. I checked the paper wrap and opened it, there were grapes, I would say black grapes and I was totally surprised to see them. I ran to my mom and asked whether she has kept them there.  She said, no, I asked everyone in my colony and everyone said no. as we live in an individual house, there was no chance of outsiders to come and put the grapes, I totally understand that it was nothing other than Sai miracle for me. Sai blessed me with the grapes. Om Sai Ram”

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