Sai Baba Episode #55

Thank You Sai for Making me Feel your Presence 

One of Sai devotee shared her experience and she says “Pranams to the lotus feet of Sri Sai, Koti thanks for all the wishes granted. There is a Baba’s temple close by to my house. I regularly visit the temple on every Thursday. A week before ‘Guru Poornima’, when I had been to temple it just came into my mind that this time too I will not be able to have a close darshan of Sri Sai, as it would be very crowded and had to pay more money to get the VIP darshan. so I was little sad. Two days before ‘Guru Poornima’, I received a text message that I can access the WhatsApp group of the temple and they invited me to join the group. My happiness knew no bounds, while I was worried about how I will make it up on that day but my loving Baba had better plans for me. On the previous day of ‘Guru Purnima’, I received a WhatsApp message that if I wish, I can join as a volunteer in the temple. 

I immediately decided to apply leave in my college and the next day after performing special Puja at home and rushed to the temple .The temple was overcrowded and the security was not letting anyone other the people in the line and the line was nearly half a kilometer .As I reached the temple, I told security that I have come for doing the service of volunteer and he immediately let me in without a word. I soon went to the just inside the temple and I contacted the temple authorities and within a whisk of time, I was given a volunteer badge and I was told to stand in front of the Sanctorium, to control the crowd. I was just thanking Baba in my mind itself for the miracle Baba has created exclusively for me.  I was very happy to do the service given to me with full heart. I did my service to the utmost satisfaction and returned home in the evening. Thank you Sai for making me feel your presence. I have had many such Leela’s of Baba and I still get the miracles of Sai every often. One more thanks for standing by our side and helped us perform our elder daughter’s wedding in the crowded Guruvayur temple, Kerala and the boy of your choice, dear Sai. I believe your miracle is ever working on us in every walk of life. Thank you so much Sai. Om Sai Ram!. My only prayer is to stay by our side always and guide us in the right path by holding on to your Lotus Feet firmly. I don’t know how to Thank dear Sai Baba for the amount of blessings you have showered on us. Koti Pranams and Koti thanks Sai!”

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