Fakir’s ‘Dristi Shaktipath’

The fakir looked at her intently and she recovered 

His wife Shubhangi got sick and was admitted in the hospital on 14th May 2007. Arun Jogleker a resident of Thane was at his wits end as she was old and frail but was free of any illness. At first her condition wasn’t serious but due to some medical negligence her condition became critical. She had a severe cough with expectoration. Then another lady doctor examined her and had her shifted to the I.C.U where she was given I.V fluids, I.V antibiotics and placed on a ventilator, as she had severe Pneumonia. Arun felt that Baba had heard his plea for help and sent this doctor.  But Shubhangi’s condition deteriorated steadily and the doctors gave up hope. They asked Arun to call her dear and near relatives as she would not survive much longer. Arun was dejected as his life long companion would pass away. 

He sat outside the I.C.U and started reading the Charita. It was very quiet and a strange calm prevailed. Just then a fakir appeared stomping his feet, he was tall, fair and had worn a kafni he entered the I.C.U and went straight to Shubhangi’s bed side. He looked at her intently, gazing at her from head to foot, and left. Astonished Arun asked his daughter Surekha to follow him, and then the fakir entered the elevator. Simultaneously he asked his son Girish to follow him via the stairs. Surekha and the fakir both entered the elevator which was empty, and when the doors closed the fakir disappeared. Neither could Girish find him any where.

A short while later the doctor examined her he came to Arun and said, “Truly a miracle has taken place. A short while ago I asked you to call her relatives as she would not survive, but now she is conscious, and her vital signs are normal. She has defied the medical science with her recovery” Arun through tears saw the fakir curing her with his look and mentally he thanked Baba for his compassion. Baba cures her through ‘Dristi Shaktipath’ Ref Shri Sai Sagar Magazine Deepavali issue 2007.

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    baba ko jab dil se blulao mera baba aata hai……….