Sai Baba Episode #56

Remember Sri Sai, Problems are Gone 

Om Sai Ram! One of Sai devotee sharing her Sai experience with us. She says “Our sweet is two storied individual house in Kakinada. One fine day, our tenant (Aunty) had a dream. The dream was about a saint(Saadhu) who came to our home and knocked the door. When she was about to give something to the saint, suddenly my mommy came and gave some food to that saint. Next day morning, Aunty told the whole incident happened in her dream to my mommy. Generally, If you see any saint in your dream and giving food to saint in dream is a symbol to show that you must be very kind personality.

After few days, I went to market for shopping with my mommy and we saw a big size baba idol and my mommy felt like buying the baba idol and she bought him. It was like dream come true as our dear Sai baba came to our home in the form of idol. Day by day, my love on Sai was growing, as I used to play with baba idol. I used to feed him, started talking to him. As I grew up, I started visiting Sai temple, I started doing 108 Pradakshina. I was totally into my Sai. I had many experiences where I just remember my Sai in any emergency, my work is done immediately. I started writing a diary about my worries, fears and every single problem were getting resolved in no time. Let me share one incident, when I lost my gold earring on my terrace. I searched for it a very long time. As usual, I wrote to Sai and cried so much in front of Sai, then started my search again and I found it immediately. This clearly reflect my belief in Sai and how Sai cares about his devotees. I am blessed to have Sai in my life. Om Sai Ram”

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