Sai Baba Episode #57

Faith in Sai, makes you realize Sai in you 

Here is an experience from one of the Sai devotee, she says “This experience was a big turning point of my life. In one of the marriage in my relative family in Vijayawada, where my grandmother and grandfather were planning to attend. At the same time, it was school holidays and my parents wanted me to go with my grandparents to assist them. I was not interested at all but somehow, I was forced by my parents and I went to the marriage. In that marriage, I met my cousin Hari, who is my life partner now. I remember that the year was 1998. We both liked each other and we both decided to continue in our career. We both were very busy in our work and in the year 2006, we both decided to get married based on mutual understanding of our parents and we were engaged. 

Just after our engagement, I was visiting Haridwar with my parents for Guru Pooja of a guruji, who was 500 years old according to badri records.  My parents showed my husband’s photo to that guruji and asked to bless us both. As Guruji have future vision too, so guruji asked, have you decided or you are seeking my advice here. He said, “is it compulsory to go with this marriage?”. We were stunned. Personally, I was very much worried as to why guruji said like this. I was not very comfortable that time. on the way back to home, we were in a group of 6 members in a shared auto going to railway station to catch our train, suddenly, I saw my sai baba walking on the road wearing white kafni, lota in hand, and a stick in the other hand. I couldn’t believe that he was looking at me and I was praying him in the moving auto. I was shocked at that moment and I was blessed too. I felt that baba gave his blessings to me in that situation and I felt more strong to deal with the current situation. 

I was doubting myself, whether I saw sai baba or it was just an illusion. I got the answer when I reached Hyderabad, at my native place. A weekly magazine of Rushi Peetam came, where I saw the same Sai standing with the white kafni, lota, stick and a vatapatrasai idole which was presented by my Aunty in Haridwar. Also, on the front page of the magazine, where baba said indirectly to me that Yes, You saw me and It is TRUE. I am so thankful to my Sai Baba to clarify my doubt

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