BLACK MAGIC doesn’t Work

Sai Satcharitra says who ever trusts Sai Baba, need not worry as Baba will protect His devotees 24 × 7 and no harm will ever effect His devotees. Here is one such story.

Venkatraman lived with his family in Mylapore Chennai. His father was employed in the Railways and lived in Hyderabad. There was a lot of ill will between them and some of their relatives. And the relatives resorted to witchcraft, to take revenge. One day an old man appeared before him and gave him the following advice.  “Make a thorough search of your home, and you will find some chits of paper. On these chits will be the words “Pilli Suynam” (spell of Black Magic) written in Tamil, along with some ashes from the crematorium.  Immediately burn those chits of paper, and thoroughly wash your home on every Saturday. Also offer Pongal (sweet rice) offering to god” Venkatraman went home and found numerous chits of paper with ashes on them he burnt them immediately. He followed the advice given by the old man.

          About 10 days later a relative came to his home and gave him 20 Mangoes. No sooner had his relative left, the old man turned up riding a motorbike. He warned him not to eat the Mangoes, as it would bring great misfortune to his family. He then asked Venkatraman to fetch a knife and cut one of the Mangoes, inside the Mango was a small quantity of ash and a Jasmine flower. The old man then trampled upon the Mangoes and threw them away. He then said he was hungry and would like to have some food. Venkatraman gave him a meal of rice. Sambar (pulses cooked with vegetables) and buttermilk. 

          Some days later his father returned home and he related everything to him. His father told him it was B V. Narsimhaswamiji, who 13-3-1946 came to their home and removed the black magic. He performed Baba’s worship and gave them a picture of Baba and udi. Ever since Baba’s worship was started they are leading a peaceful and happy life.

Ref Sai Sudha Magazine – September 1946

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