Miracle, Ever Increasing Rice !

          Swami Sanjayanand of Badrinath states this is a true Leela that occurred in May 1972. “Susheelchandra Varma invited me and my wife to attend a function in Lucknow, and we accepted the invitation. The program was to sing devotional songs through out the night on the 1st day, followed by Annadan the next day. That day being a Sunday a large crowd participated in it. Each devotee was requested to bring a picture of Baba and 100 grams of Basmati rice with them. The rice was to be offered to the picture while chanting Baba’s name a 1000 times. After the chanting the rice would be collected and used to cook Sweet Rice for the Annadan. The program went well and at the end the rice collected was about 16 Kgs. The rice thus collected was tied in a saffron colored cloth and placed in front of the decorated alter on which Baba’s Dwarka Mai photograph was placed.

          At noon the next day that rice along with another 16kgs of rice was placed in a huge vessel to cook. My wife and I were turning the rice around while it cooked. Soon the rice started boiling and the bubbles took the shape of Aum. Every bubble became an Aum, and had the color of Udi. Finally a huge Aum was formed on the surface of the cooked rice, and the entire sweet rice attained the color of udi.

          As the vessel was filled to the brim and over flowing, half of it was emptied into another huge vessel. But from the Aum vessel the rice again came to its original level and started to over flow. This phenomena of the ever increasing rice continued non stop. Numerous huge vessels were obtained and new vessels were bought by the devotees. Then I asked the devotees to pray to Baba to stop the miracle of the ever increasing rice. After our collective prayers it stopped. Finally numerous cars and vans were brought and the rice was taken to Mankameshwar temple where a fare was being held. Every devotee visiting the fair, and every beggar had a satisfying meal.

          Before leaving Varma’s home I locked all the doors but left one small window open so that passer byes cold see the beautifully decorated picture of Baba. When we returned we saw an aged bearded man resembling Baba seated on the chair that was kept for Baba. How did he manage to enter a locked house? All of us sat on the floor after prostrating before him. Then he came and sat next to me. I started singing devotional songs, to the accompaniment of the harmonium while he beat the drums (tablas). Then he said, “Now I will sing and you accompany me on the tabla. He started to sing but I couldn’t accompany him, as the rhythm was in the “Zap Taal” (meter). Though I played the tabla very well this was the only meter that I didn’t know. I didn’t learn it as I would have had to make a guru just to learn one meter. Then Baba patiently said, “Son the rhythm is ‘Zap taal’ its meter is a count of 10 beats” and he showed me how to play it along with the vocal beat, and ragas. Then I played it while he sang. How incredibly kind of him, my Sadguru taught me the Taal. “But the message we devotees can learn from this Leela is that Baba will also teach us to master this taal, of 10 beats. The under lying meaning is that the number 10 represents our 10 Indriyias or senses and if we can control them then we too can sing in bliss”.         Finally we went to sleep on the floor, when I got up at about 4 a.m. Baba had vanished”. 

Ref Shri Sai Sagar Magazine Deepavali issue 2003

Source: Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri

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