Sai Baba Episode #60

Marriage Invitation to Sai baba was accepted 

One of Sai devotee says “Just after 3 months of my previous experience with Sri Sai Baba , my marriage was nearby and it was on 9th May. I invited my dearest Sri Sai Baba to my marriage which was in a temple and I was very positive about the baba’s presence. 

I become very busy in my marriage. The day came and our marriage was happening and just after the Mangal Sutra Dharan ceremony, my family friend who is a kundalini yoga saadhak and healer came forward and gave me the a packet of haldi and asked me to apply it as sindoor. We both applied it. he said, that this Haldi came out of Sri Sai Baba photo and I thought to give it to you as it is your marriage. He doesn’t know that I am a baba’s devotee but it clearly shows that Sai Baba accepted my marriage invitation and he was present to my marriage. Sri Sai Baba is still alive and he listen our requests and prayers. I love my Sai very much”.

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