Sai Baba Episode #61

साईं कृपा

One of Sai Baba devotee shared her experience. She says “I want to share a miracle that happened on the last Amavasya. Being Amavasya, we went to amman/ ammavaru/ devi temple in the morning. As a ritual, purohit tagged dhaga on the hand. I am not sure that I said ‘Om Sai Ram”, immediately, the Purohit said, you are Sai child and no matter where you go, a shadow of Sai will follow you. I just had goose pimples and tears started coming out at the same time. I also visiting the temple the evening. On my way back to home from the temple, as I usually carry money else food in my hand to give anyone in need. I saw one man coming to me asking for food. He didn’t accept money. 

On the same day, luckily, purohit had given me biscuits, which I have given to the man asking for food and by the time I could get upma for him, he disappeared; leaving an imprint of ‘Om Sai’ at the place where I saw that man. I tried to capture on photo but that pic came out blank. I thought I was dreaming, but it wasn’t. And, just after that I saw myself crying and I cried so much. Sai is great. you look at him; he really looks at you”

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