Sai Baba Episode #62

We can fight any Problem, with Faith and Patience 

One of Sai devotee shared her experience from Dubai. She says, “As Sai Baba gave me darshan in Haridwar and I already shared my experience here few days back, where he blessed me with haldi. It was a pure blessing to protect my husband. Now, its been 9 years of my marriage and we have 2 very cute kids as well. In these 9 years, my husband’s job was lost due to company downfall. Around the same time, I was going through my 2nd delivery where expenses were huge. As I said, Sai’s protection was with us and per baba’s saying “in his devotee’s house, blessings are always showered”. Even without a job for 4 years, we never experience any problem. We were middle class family and we were fully protected with baba’s consecrations. With Baba’s miracle, suddenly, a job invitation came to my husband in a very big company in Dubai. He clarified interview in no time and joined the office. 

After 2 months of his joining, he was working on 15 feet height and he fell down because of a heavy wind storm and got spinal cord injury. We were very tensed as we were helpless, but the company took responsibility of full care and supported him for all the surgeries and daily expenses. Baba knows everything as this was going to happen and so Sai gave him job in a big as well as good company. There were around 2 critical surgeries happened to him in Dubai, and we were all in India. Not one were there from family except his 2 friends. After his 2nd surgery, my husband suddenly felt short of breadth and he couldn’t breath and finally he lost hope from life line and soul was seeing going out of his body. Another shock for us after approaching clinic, doctor said, he cannot walk again for rest of his life. After listening these words, my husband cried terribly and kept on crying and were on continuous physio therapy and he almost fainted. He was sent to Hyderabad in plane at his own risk, and he managed to come back to India. He came on a wheel chair and completely bed ridden. As I said, Baba was protecting my husband and the same thing happened. With Baba’s miracle, for every 3 to 4 months the changes were miraculous and he used walker stick and finally he is walking without stick, yet to be fully recovered but I know my Sai will completely recover him soon and we will be back to our normal life. 

Throughout his injury, he kept baba’s Charitra with him and he was reading it whenever he gets time and chanting Sai name was without counts. After coming to India, we were applying Vibhuti to him at the time of massaging his legs. Few months back I saw Sai in my dream and he said, “it will take time but he will have complete recovery”. What else do I need when Sai is with us? What can we give him in return except love? My love on Sai is deeper and could feel it in every bit of my life. Om Sri Sai Nathaya namah”

PS : Please pray for her husband to recover completely, and he will be back to his normal life soon. Om Sai Ram !

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  • Anonymous

    (December 8, 2016 - 1:20 am)

    Sai Ram. Baba will heal your husband fully. Felt very emotional after reading it.

  • Anonymous

    (July 1, 2017 - 6:15 am)