Sai – The Biggest Doctor

My doctor is the father of Dhanvantari 
          He visited Shirdi for the first time a few months after his baby was born, he asked his wife to accompany him but she refused. At Shirdi he met Dixit, Tarkad and other devotees who had been with Baba. He eagerly listened to experiences, and learnt a lot about Baba. Then he went through some financial difficulties and couldn’t get the money from his friends and relatives. As a last resort he thought he would have to pawn his wife’s jewelry. By Baba’s grace his problem was solved.
By then he had developed intense faith and devotion in Baba, but his wife was skeptical. He visited Shirdi again and just as he set out his wife sarcastically remarked, “You think your Baba is great?” Her words hurt him terribly and he hoped that one day she would have faith.

          Upon his return his wife developed a mass in her abdomen with bouts of severe pain. He consulted all the specialists but none of them could reach a final diagnosis. Finally they decided that exploratory surgery was required for the diagnosis and treatment. But both of then were in a state of panic at the very thought of surgery. Besides the surgery would cost a great deal of money. That night Baba appeared in his dream and said, “Look here, no one from our home will go under the knife. And don’t ever think of pawning my daughters jewelry, is that clear?”
          So he continued giving the prescribed medications along with udi and the pain abated and the mass disappeared.  One day his doctor asked him with surprise, “This recovery was not due to the medicines prescribed by me. Tell me which specialist did you consult, and what treatment was given to her” He replied under his breath “My doctor is Baba and he is the father of Dhanvantri” Dhanvantri is the physician of all the deities.
Baba is far superior to Dhanvantri and is an expert in removing ailments caused by Prarabdha.
Ref Shri Sai Leela Magazine Ank 1,2,3. Shake 1862 Chaitra, Vaishak Jesth. Year 17. 1940, 

Source: Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri

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