Ties from Previous Births

We have ties from many previous births 

Mira Kadilkar and her husband lived in Chadisar a small town in Palanpur Taluka. She and her husband had moved there from Ahmedabad. One evening Mira suddenly became very ill. Her husband informed their neighbor who was a physician, and she was immediately taken to the health center. Unfortunately the health center wasn’t equipped with necessary medications nor did it have the required facilities, and her condition started deteriorating.        

The decision was to move her to the Civil Hospital in Palanpur which was 20 miles away. Her husband tried to make contact with Palanpur but couldn’t succeed, finally at about 10 p.m. he went to the railway station and literally begged the official to make telephonic contact with the hospital. After an hour of pleading a contact was made, her case history and condition was described then an Ambulance was sent. Finally she was admitted in the hospital, Dr. Trivedi examined her and said, “Her condition is critical, and if she is not given a blood transfusion immediately she will not survive”. Her husband readily agreed to donate blood and showed his donor card. But the doctor wouldn’t agree, and said, “You are alone with her if something happens to you following the blood donation who will be responsible? We will wait till the morning” and returned home.

          Her husband was reduced to tears and fervently prayed to Baba for help. At that very moment a sadhu came and stood at her bedside. He asked her husband with utter compassion what the problem was. Mira’s husband told him  every single detail and he said, “Son don’t worry, I will bring the Civil Surgeon and take care of everything” True to his word he brought the doctor and was he was also willing to donate blood, fortunately his blood group was compatible with Mira’s and the transfusion was given.

          The next morning Mira’s condition improved and she became conscious. Her husband was so touched by the sadhu’s kindness that he brought breakfast for all of them. Then he was about to give him some money when the sadhu cautioned him saying, “You better keep the money, lest you need to buy some medicines later. I live nearby and when her condition is stable I will surely take the money”

          Mira’s parents arrived and her husband also received money from his job, so he went to look for the sadhu. His searched all over Palampur but was unable to find him. Four days later Mira was discharged and they were proceeding to the railway station when the saw the sadhu seated on the wall of a garden. They stopped the vehicle and her parents and husband ran to give him some money. Her parents said, “You saved our daughter’s life so what ever amount of cash you want we will happily give you” Her husband also thanked him and asked him to accept the money. The sadhu looked at them surprised and said, “I am a sadhu so why will I take money form you. Besides I have never donated blood in my entire life, so why should I accept money for something I have not done” None the less her husband begged him to accept some money but he refused saying, “We have rinanubandic ties from many previous births. I will surely ask Allaha to bless you” As it was getting late they prostrated at his feet and left. Disappointed her husband said, “How kind my Baba is. He came running in my time of need and helped me. And in return wouldn’t accept any money. But comforted me by saying that he had ties with me from many previous births”

 The rinunabandh with the guru exists from many births.

Ref Sai Prasad Magazine Deepavali issue 1996.

Source: Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri

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