Sai Baba Episode #66

Sai is my Saviour…

I was not really a devotee of Sai but it’s all like that he pulled me towards him. I was really feeling bad that me and my husband were having big disputes. Days were passing in the same way but I happened to get Sai Charitra book from one of my family member. Right from the day Sai entered my house in the form Sai Charitra all our disputes got settled. He is always there in our love and in each step of our life. He helped us a lot in our career’s. In a span of 3 months, me and my husband got good jobs for which we were struggling hard and somewhere it happened to be a miracle. He stood all the way beside me. Stepping to new year 2017, 2016 happened to be a big milestone for us which it was all because of Sai. With all his blessings on the very first page of new year I wish Sai will always stay in our love, happiness and in each step that we take. Finally Sainatha, Thanks a lot Baba for everything. it’s because of you for what we are now. Please be always with me throughout my life. You are the Saviour of my life.

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