Sai Baba Episode #68

I am Vishnu, 23 years old from Coimbatore. I am sharing now sai baba’s one of the miracle that he did in my Life. During last year January, 2016 I was not a Sai devote but my friends asked me to pray Sai Baba. But that time I used to tease Baba like he is not real god like Ganesha like that. Unfortunately in March, 2016 We met with an accident. I and my grandma were injured and we recovered from that but from March onward, I got anxiety and I started feeling fear while eating, sleeping, brushing, walking and I coudn’t have enough guts to go alone to any place. At one stage even I thought why should I live my life with this anxiety. In this time, my mom said me to pray Sai Baba. From April, I started praying Sai Baba. This was the only hope left for me, because I started to keep Sai Baba pic in my purse. Wherever I go, I took my purse because Sai Baba is there with me.  Still my anxiety ruled me.


I wanted to clear my exam in May, but even i couldn’t study a single line in my book because of this anxiety. I wrote all my exams very bad and said to my parents sorry I wont clear my exams. My parents supported me here, as i was not well. Same thing in June, and I cried before Sai Baba idol in my home.  Why I feel still anxiety and cried for 20 mins and I asked Bab why not you cure my anxiety completely. If you will cure my anxiety if I will come to shirdi.  I was not economical strong to come shirdi, baba please cure my anxiety baba like that and after 10 min my mind was so calm and slept nicely. Next day June 23, 2016, Thursday my mom brought me some laddu from bakery and my mom asked me to take one good laddu and I kept one for baba for the prayer. That day i prayed for 5 seconds with closed eyes. Suddenly, I found something happen like my mind saying I saw the laddu from middle to bottom looks like someone eaten . and I saw baba idol its glowing like stars and I got a cute smile from baba idiol. I suddenly fallen on the foots of baba and I have seen baba idiol for 15 minutes without anything in my mind. I felt so good air on my face like something showering from baba idol after 20 min I asked my mom dad and grandma whatever happened with me and they all were so happy, By baba’s grace my anxiety flew away from me. Even my results came August 1st week got cleared all papers and got degree. My new life started again by baba’s blessings. Now I am happy to share this with all Sai devotees. Don’t worry Sai devotees, surely baba will fullfil all your wishes.

om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

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