Sai Baba Episode #69

Baba says “Get up and lets walk together”

One of Sai Devotee says “Let me share one of my experiences which I guess Baba wanted me to share with all Sai devotees today. It was during that time when I was doing my schooling and I always had this irregular period’s problem, hormonal imbalance and PCOS and what not. People used to tease me, make fun of me looking at the abnormal hair growth on my face. Teenage was something you would want to be liked by someone or you might have crushes or attractions. But I was in a situation where I didn’t know even if I would be liked by anyone ever. I thought this is how my whole life would continue. I hated myself. I wanted to end my life since I was very weak at heart. But then one day I expressed my feelings with my mom since she’s my very best friend. So, she took me to laser treatments, I visited many doctors, I was given lot of medication etc. Everywhere I went for a check-up I only got negative feedback from doctors saying it was not possible for your daughter to recover easily. She cannot get pregnant at all. Every doctor we used to visit, I was prescribed with different kinds of medication to overcome the hormonal imbalance problem or PCOS. It was very painful since the process was really slow and I was running out of patience.


Then came Baba into my life through my mom. She asked me to leave all my worries to Baba and trust Him completely. I did not develop that trust immediately but it happened gradually. I was still suffering from my health issues in spite of my prayers. Nothing changed. But the only thing which changed was I got stronger. More humiliation, more negativity, more pain from people was countless. But one thing changed for sure “I got stronger”, “more bold”, “more positive”. I used to walk away with a smiling face when people made fun of me. I questioned myself? How did this change happen in me and the answer was/is “Baba”. Things started changing slowly. I was in my college, Engineering, Masters and I finally got married and got a very smart husband by Baba’s grace. Now, I had a different fear. Will I be ever pregnant?

I started visiting a doctor in US and got myself checked. She clearly said you hardly have any problem. Not to worry at all. I can give you very basic medication and you can get pregnant sooner. What? Did I hear that right? I have been hearing negative feedback all through my life and my ears were prepared to hear the same thing this time as well. And yes due to Baba’s Grace I did get pregnancy and now I have a beautiful daughter who’s 5 years old. The moment I knew I was pregnant , I just felt like going back to India and shout loud and clear into people’s ears who said that I can never pregnant in my life. How’s that things cannot be possible without my friend Baba.

One clear lesson I learnt from this story is, Baba knows what pain you are going through, but He will never leave His child suffer for a long time. If you think He’s being silent and is not answering your prayers, then you are thinking wrong. He’s actually working on your application high up there and fighting with the evil which is coming in your way. Every time you say to Baba “I don’t trust You anymore” or “Why aren’t You answering my prayers”, He answers back to you in His sweet tone “Oh my child, please don’t leave your father alone, Please trust in me. Whatever is going to happen is for your own good. Me being your father cannot let you down. Get up and lets walk together”. Such wonderful are Baba’s words. This is how I talk to my Baba every day. Give Him food, water, clothing, flowers. Don’t always ask Him ‘Give Give…’ and offer whatever you can, but with love and not to expect anything from him. He knows when to do what? Allah Malik!”

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One thought on “Sai Baba Episode #69

  • Ruma Roy

    (August 15, 2017 - 5:18 am)

    Baba you know everything what problems I have please look at my daughter husband and the most important thing I want to go to sirdhi dwarikamai place please baba help me to show the way and also I can take nandadi please baba