Sai Baba Episode #70

One iphone_April07_2015 454of Sai devotee shared one experience “I came across this miracle of Baba when I was a student. A catholic priest was working at a church in New Jersey. As he was traveling by plane, intense turbulence hit the plane and everyone on board started panicking. This priest was on the plane and he remained calm and started reciting some prayers from the Bible. As we know Baba embodies all deities so in response to this priest’s prayers, Baba manifested on the plane. He gave the priest His blessings and a packet of vibhuti with His picture. The priest had no idea who this Indian-looking Divine Being was but he was very happy that the turbulence stopped and everyone was saved. As soon as he returned to New Jersey, he wanted to find out who this person was so he enlarged the picture Baba gave and placed it in his church. That day, an Indian woman visited the church. She was excited to see Baba’s picture there and asked the priest how he got it. When the priest narrated the story, she had tears in her eyes and told the priest about Sai Baba. The priest was overjoyed and visited Baba’s temple here in New York to thank Baba. He even became interested in Sai Satcharita. Such is our Baba. He loves everyone and rushes to help as soon as we call Him sincerely”

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2 thoughts on “Sai Baba Episode #70

  • Moumita Das

    (August 24, 2017 - 2:12 pm)

    Almost similar kind of incident was experienced by me in recent times. It was in the month of April.I was travelling to Coimbatore. It was a delayed flight. We were in a dilemma whether flight would get cancel or what. By Baba’s grace it took off after 2 hrs. of its regular schedule. After boarding I saw one aged person reading the Bible. Guess , he is a pastor, was travelling to attend any prayer meeting. We got rain on the midway. And then the turbulence started. It started reeling like anything. Everyone got scared. And even though we were nearing Coimbatore, we were not able to land because of rain. almost 15-20 minutes the plane was roaming in the sky here and there making everyone scared. And the aged person was still reading the Bible. Nowhere he stopped. Finally our pilot was able to find a way to land. We all heaved a sigh of relief and that aged person just clapped his hands and I uttered ‘Praise the Lord’ with much excitement. Baba in HIS ever merciful form saved our lives. We thanked again and again and greeted the pilot for his presence of mind and his meticulous effort to make us land safely. I will never forget that scary night . The next day morning, it was Baba’s Mandala Pooja. Thinking about the whole incident, it just makes me awestruck and at the same time a feeling that how blessed I am to get HIS MERCY !!!

    • admin

      (August 25, 2017 - 7:32 am)

      Nice experience Moumita, Baba is always there to help us.