Sai Baba Prayer #1

Respected Admin ,

First of all, I would like to thank your benign self to take the burden for me to post my prayer request on this blessed platform of BABA devotees. BABA has done HIS wonderful Leelas and revealed some important facts. I would like to share of them here keeping my identity as ‘anonymous’.

Baba informed HIS daughter that the person was already stuck in some bad debts, one of his relatives owed money from him ( it was a huge loan) and He went abroad to work hard to repay his loan. Somewhere in his mind, was a wish to raise a separate family on his own as he never liked marrying within family members. ( marrying 1st cousin). So he was in the matrimony site where he came in contact with Baba’s daughter and was seeing match on his own. While returning to India, after his onsite, those relatives started a huge quarrel and asked him to return the money. He was ready to pay what he had in his hand, but they were not ready to listen to him. They demanded the entire amount. Money was just an instrument. Their main aim was to get their indecent looking daughter ( who is his cousin and was still unmarried at the age of 29, mostly South Indians marry at an early age) married to him. So they used whatever cruel ways they could. And there was no other option except surrendering to their crooked deal.

I have no words to say. They are still torturing him in whatever way they can, taking full control of him. It’s not that, he’s not repaying their money. He is doing that. BABA, being there, how come people fight in the name of money, caste,creed and religion ! They worship BABA’s idol and humiliate humans in the name of materialistic things ! People don’t feel shame to do that !

Is GOD confined in any place ? HE lives in man’s heart. To serve man, is to serve GOD. I really don’t have any words to say. My eyes become full of tears when I see people doing all these kind of heinous things, like honor killing ( inter caste or inter religion marriage etc etc.) and I just stare at BABA , with my eyes full of tears. I really do not have any words BABA. I just pray BABA, May he get an answer for all the injustices done to him, Being there, May You protect him always from all the crooked plans of the devil and keep him in good health as he met with a serious accident in Kuala Lumpur last year.
I pray this in YOUR precious name. AMEN.AMEN and AMEN.

With my heartfelt regards at HIS Lotus Feet,

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