Sai Baba Episode #72


One of Sai devotee shared his experience from USA. He says “Till I was 26, I was not aware of Sri Sai Baba existence at all. When I got to know Sri Sai baba from my girlfriend, as she was an enthusiastic devotee of baba, I was not enough interested. she used to go to Sai Baba temple occasionally especially on every Thursday. I heard so many baba’s story from her. Instead of going for hangout with friends, I started liking going to baba’s temple to spent time with baba. I was a bit frustrated with the life, and suddenly I saw a big change in my life. I can’t believe that I brought my first home within two years of my career. Not even home, I brought a high end model of car too. Life was super managed after having a girl friend who is totally into baba. Earlier I thought she is not going to have fun in her life, but now, I think she has the real fun in the life. One thing is confirmed that life should have satisfaction at first place, then, nothing is impossible. I saw this reality and thought to share with you. She is pure vegetarian and over the time, I started disliking meat as well. I feel these changes are good for me. Thank you Sai Baba“.

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