Sai Baba Episode #73

Sai devotee shared her experience. she says “Sai Ram everyone want to share a beautiful experience with all of you.

Few months back one of my Dad’s colleague told my Dad that in her house, 49 days of akhand deep of Baba and Sai Satcharitra Parayan will be organized. Please come and start reading from Thursday with a sankalp (Prayer) in mind. Many people came and read these holy books in 49 days.

My Dad did 2 weeks parayan in the past and he did this 3rd time as well.  Everyday he was offering fruits to Baba. One day he took banana and the very next day, Aunty called and told my Dad that they go Vibhuti near to bananas he offered, and tell your wife and kids to come over and see it.

when I saw the Baba’s leela, I immediately took the picture.


I prayed to Baba for everyone’s happiness and offered my namaskar to Baba”

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